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Angela Gehl Psychic Medium Missing Persons and Cold Cases - Pro-BonoUnderstanding the un-surmountable agony and heartache that accompanies the death and disappearance of a loved one Angela Gehl aids in providing closure to heart-ache and loss. A former member of a prominent international missing persons organization as part of their professional intuitive team. She is currently a volunteer liaison for many Canadian and International law enforcement and investigators consulting in identifying details and locations into missing persons, cold, cases and homicides.

If someone you know or love is lost or has transitioned beyond due to questionable circumstances Angela may be of service to you in finding peace of mind and heart.

Due to the sensitive nature and time commitment involved with Missing Persons and Cold Cases Angela carefully chooses what cases to consult on. Confidentiality and Compassion are paramount in such consultations. 

How May Angela Help You?

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