Code of Ethics

1. It is Angela’s mission to honor each client’s privacy with confidentiality.

2. Angela will never instill fear by discussing health challenges. She will however, when necessary recommend

3. Angela does not believe in ‘negative souls’/dark souls/’black magicians’ or whatever you want to call them. She will not tell you that you or anyone else is a negative or dark soul because she thinks it is a ridiculous and harmful idea to tell someone they are not connected to Source or God or whatever you want to call it. She has never had someone with truly malicious intent book a reading with me – ever. She knows you have a connection to source.

4. If you book a reading and Angela come to the conclusion at the start of a reading (or beforehand) that she could not help you, she will refund you. She is skilled in some things – she can help you become more aware of your soul gifts, she can do cord cutting and she can do aura and intuitive medium readings. But if she get the sense it is not in your highest interests to have a session with her, she will refund your money and suggest another practitioner or course of action. If when she tunes into you, she sense that you have booked the wrong kind of session (i.e. the session you’ve booked won’t help you), she will give you her recommendations for what kind of session to have instead.

5. She will never tell when or how you or a loved one will die. Any intuitive who does offer such advice breaks the most important fundamental rule. I only offer advice to help and heal and will not offer such bad advice to cause worry, anxiety or depression.

Please note:

* Intuitive Readings are for entertainment purposes only and should not replace medical or psychological treatment. Angela Gehl cannot be held liable for any financial, medical, professional or personal decisions the client makes based on the intuitive reading given at any point in time. *

Messages from Spirit with Angela Gehl